Monday, February 2, 2015

CTELE Introductory Presentation

In CTELE, each of my classmates and I had to give a personal presentation to the rest of the class. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my fellow classmates through our personal presentations. I believe I learned a lot more about each of them through this assignment than I ever would have if we had not given presentations. Interestingly, our presentation styles were pretty different; however, in the end I learned a lot about each of my classmates. I believe we will work well together, and I look forward to the semester ahead.

Besides simply giving the presentation, I have also been asked to review it using some type of media. I chose to use VoiceThread because I have never heard of it or used it before. In VoiceThread, the creator starts a conversation by uploading some sort of "slide" (whether that be a video, photo, document, etc.). Then, others can comment on that uploaded item and start a "conversation." These comments may be in different formats, such as videos, voiceovers, text bubbles, pictures drawn onto the slide, etc. It is incredibly easy to use, and it's accessible as long as the user has an Internet connection.

After experimenting with VoiceThread, it is clear how it could be used in an educational setting. An instructor could upload any sort of information for the students to comment on. For example, an English teacher could upload an essay with grammatical mistakes and ask the students to comment and fix the errors. Another example would be a Spanish teacher beginning a conversation with some sort of prompt and allowing the students to comment off of it. The teacher doesn't have to be the one to upload the slide either; students can also upload their own items and begin conversations that way. VoiceThread allows students to collaborate on their own time, and it allows teachers to provide unique, challenging experiences using technology in the classroom. I am glad that I had the opportunity to experiment with VoiceThread, and I hope that I am able to integrate it into my own classroom someday.

For this VoiceThread, I started the conversation with a slide of my personal presentation. I then commented on the presentation using my laptop's microphone. If you open my VoiceThread, the video of my personal presentation will appear first, and the comments will follow. On the left side, you will see vertical square icons. You may jump to the next comment by clicking on the next square icon, or by using the slider below my video. To watch my personal presentation and review comments, use the embedded VoiceThread below:

(If you cannot see the embedded VoiceThread, you can watch it here.)

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