Monday, January 19, 2015

CTELE - My Expectations

This semester, I am taking a course that I will continue to refer to as CTELE, short for Creating Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments. Through UNI, I have decided to pursue minors in literacy, mathematics, and educational technology. This course is part of my educational technology minor.

It is my understanding that CTELE is a continuation of the Educational Technology and Design class I took last year. That class was only an introduction to the many ways in which technology can be used by teachers, and to be honest, as I was taking that class I did not have enough experience in education to fully understand the importance of what I was learning. In this course, I expect that I will learn more about various technology that I can implement in my future classroom. By "implementing technology," I mean that I will be able to not only use technology in front of my students, but also give them the tools to effectively use technology in their academic and personal lives. I know that I am not a technologically savvy individual; therefore, I hope that this class provides me with a lot of practice working with different forms of technology. The educational technology professors are adamant that students learn best through doing; therefore, I expect to have many hands-on, collaborative experiences in this class.

I believe that our CTELE experiences will be somehow demonstrated through our class wiki. Follow the link to see what we've been up to in class! Of course, you can always check out my blog for updates on my experiences as well.

Used with permission from flikr by Intel Free Press

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