Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Technology is a Tool

In my Educational Technology and Design class at UNI, we are often reminded that we need to adapt our teaching styles in order to meet the needs of our future students. Right now we are welcoming the alpha generation into the world, a generation that is predicted to be selfish, impatient, and incredibly tech-savvy. For those of us who grew up reading textbooks and completing an endless amount of worksheets, the thought is daunting: instead of these familiar teaching methods, we will be educating this new generation completely differently. We will need to incorporate technology in our classrooms, and in order to do this, we MUST be able to utilize the technology in useful ways. Gone are the days when you learn how to type, how to search the Internet, and how to create a presentation in the classroom. Instead, our students will already know these basic skills (and we, their teachers, need to know them too). Educators need to decide what we want students to do with technology, as the image below reiterates.
Image used with permission from flikr by William M Ferriter
The bottom sentence in the image sums it up quite nicely, "Technology is a tool, not a learning outcome." I think sometimes teachers get caught up in the idea of using technology, but don't consider exactly why they are having the students use it. Teachers should not assign projects just so the students have to use PowerPoint or Edmodo. We should be utilizing technology as a way to enhance student learning.

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