Sunday, March 30, 2014

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello readers!

I am going to be completely honest with you: I have been having some trouble writing this post. The first post on any blog is incredibly important because it sets the tone for the entire blog. If you don't know and trust me as the writer, how can I expect you to keep reading? Therefore, before I get into any controversial topics in education, I thought I would take some time to introduce myself.

My name is Anna Kron and I am currently a freshman elementary education student at the University of Northern Iowa. (If you are thinking about becoming a teacher, I recommend taking a visit to UNI. It has a great education program and I am enjoying my time here!) In the summer I work at a daycare that accommodates special needs and developmentally normal children alike; I love my job and am looking forward to being back for the summer. I have three younger siblings and would consider myself to be their second mom. In my spare time I love to work out, read books, spend time with my friends and family, and watch Disney movies (The Little Mermaid is my favorite).

I told you I would be honest, so I should admit that the reason I am starting this blog is for an assignment in my Educational Technology and Design class. However, I think using a blog is a great way to publish your ideas online and support your professional development as a teacher. I hope that, by exploring topics in education for this class and in the future, I become more educated on the issues surrounding my occupation and support my personal aspiration of being a lifelong learner.

Last week, my field experience coordinator said, "Anna, I enjoy our conversations; you make me think." I hope that, by reading this blog, you are introduced to some viewpoints on topics in education  that make you think. I encourage you to spark a discussion by posting a comment; I enjoy thought-provoking conversations, even if we don't agree on the topic at hand.

Thank you for reading. I hope to post something about technology soon!

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